Welcome to the home of world's first FIE approved titanium foil & epee guard!

All our guards are FIE approved have a special system that keeps the wires safely secured, preventing them from breaking due to loose handle or similar.

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Epee FIE regular or titanium guard - Assembly instructions

Foil titanium guard - Assembly instructions

1. Place epee blade in a vice with tang and 2 wiers upward. Slide epee guard onto blade tang with wires and spaghetti going going through the guard opening, upward.

(see photo #1)

2. Place (bend) wires into the slot opening of epee guard.

(see photo #2)

3. Attach 2 wires to your epee guard socket.
Reassemble weapon/epee normally - pad, handle and nut securing your epee.

(see photo #3)

4. This way you will have your epee wires safely secured, without any wires breaking while you might have loose handle, etc.

1. Place foil blade in a vice with tang and wire upward.

(see photo #1)

2. Bring wire into guard from outside the guard and push wire into channel opening, which is inside the guard.

(see photo #2)

3. At the same time as you pull the wire through the channel opening and upwards, slide the guard all the way down along foil tang. Then, slide the spaghetti onto the wire, all the way down and into the channel of the guard.

(see photo #3)

4. Attach wire to your foil guard socket, bayonet or 2 prong and reassemble weapon/foil normally.

5. This way you will have your foil wire safely secured, without any wire breaking, while you might have loose handle, etc.