Plastic mask

Plastic mask for practice with plastic weapon only. One size fits all (by pulling velcro on the back of your mask you can change the size of your mask to your liking), has a washable bib, and is lightweight. Inside of a mask bib there is a touchabkle cushion for the comfort of your chin/washable. Mesh wire visor. Your choice of red or blue. Manufactured by Zivkovic Modern Fencing Equipment, Inc.

Plastic set - Mask and Foil

Plastic set featuring one mask and one foil with buzzer. Color choice of red or blue. Makes a great gift or training tool for teaching your fencers.

Chest Protector

Reversible chest protector for use with plastic weapons. Chest protector is red on one side and blue on the other. Comes in small, medium or large. Manufactured by Zivkovic Modern Fencing Equipment, Inc.

Complete Plastic Set

Full practice set that features a plastic foil with buzer, a plastic mask, and a reversible chest protector.
You save 9.95 USD when you buy these items in a set together.

Suggested plastic equipment for use.
There are 3 different plastic foils that should be used.

Level 1

Plastic foil without buzzer and foam tip should be used when fencer(s) is learning basic skill about offence and defense and including footwork. It is recommended for PE classes, in camps, clubs, schools, colleges and universities.
This should be first part of learning basic skills. In PE classes, etc., it should be introduced in first third of entire course.

Level 2
Plastic foil with buzzer (momentary hits with sound) should be used after fencer(s) have acquired basic skill and once they have completed necessary knowledge about offence and defense. In this, second third, section of any class course, more advanced technics in handling foil and with more advanced footwork should be introduced.

Level 3
In last third of any class course fencers could use plastic foil with buzzer and lights. Reset for this foil is done by depressing foil tip, just like it is done with any electric machine. Also, in this, third, section of any class, fencers fencers should be able to do bouting, thus completing advance knowledge of fencing.

Competition can be organized by fencing master, instructor.

It should be noted that Zivkovic Modern Fencing Equipment, Inc. is the only company in the World that is offering 3 different plastic foils for use on all levels

Assembly instructions for a plastic foil and battery change
Foil length: 33 inch (84 cm)

Side view of plastic foils, red and blue
Connecting tip plastic foils
Photo showing two plastic foils, in red and blue

Step 1.   You will pull out 12V battery holder with sound speaker.

Step 2.   Place the battery into the battery holder and push everything back into the tang opening

Step 3.   Place the cap on the back of the tang and check for sound by pressing the tip of the plastic foil.

CAUTION: Plastic foils must be used with plastic masks by both fencers.
Foils can be used by either right or left handed fencers, Tank has been sloped 15 degrees down. Therefore it will give better control to fencers during action-offence-defense. DISCLAIMER: Fencing can be dangerous sport given the nature of the equipment. IN case of an injury of any kind the purchasers waves all rights against Zivkovic Modern Fencing Equipment, Inc. and absolves the company, as well as its suppliers, from any liability of any kind. Purchasers fence at their own risk.

Plastic Foils manufactured by Zivkovic Modern Fencing Equipment, Inc.

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