Neck and Chest Protector

Would you like to be safer while fencing?


Since 1913 when the FIE was established there were many changes to a variety of fencing equipment. However, there was one area that was continuously overlooked, and that is protection for the back of the head and neck area - while wearing a fencing mask.

I have developed a soft and flexible protector for this.

I hope that you agree that this is one area that has to be protected along with the rest of the fencer’s body.

During a bout a certain action by one fencer, regardless of the use of the weapon, produces a motioning which the blade curves around in a, so called, whip-like fashion, and can strike the opponent’s head and neck, and potentially cause injury. This happened several times in the past, but not much attention was given to it. At the same time, there were several injuries where medical attention was needed.

Now, there is a piece of equipment that protects the fencer’s Head and Neck from potential injuries.

Head and neck protector is made of Kevlar and Dyneema. This product meets all FIE requirements in materials and safety.



Fencing is a dangerous sport. You fence at your own risk and peril.