Should You be safer while fencing?

I have designed a back Head unit and soft Chin, Neck and Collar Chest bones Protector,
for YOUR safety and to prevent possible injury.

Andrea Baldini safety advice

"Safety is better than a touche"

Andrea Baldini European, World and Olympic champion

Chin, Neck and Chest Protector

Since 1913, when the FIE was established, there were many changes to a variety of fencing equipment. But one area that was overlooked is protection for the back of the head and neck area - when wearing a fencing mask. I have developed a soft and flexible protector.

I hope that you agree that this is one area that has to be protected along with the rest of the fencer’s body.

That during a bout a certain action by one fencer, regardless of the use of the weapon, produces a motion in which the blade curves around, in a so called whip-like fashion, and can strike the opponent’s head and neck and potentially cause injury. This happened several times in the past, but not much attention was given to it. At the same time, there were several injuries where medical attention was needed.

All Protectors are made of Dyneema.
Dyneema is 15x stronger than Kevlar.
All the products meet all FIE requirements in materials and safety.

Washing: regular. Drying: drip dry recommended.

"The Head and Neck protectors designed by Mr Zivkovic, that protect the anterior and posterior neck and chest seem to be a natural extension of currently used safety equipment.
As a parent of two young fencers, as well as a head and neck surgeon, I see the importance of implementing these safety measures."

Philip C. Song, MD
Chief, Division of Larynology

Exposed neck, without protector!

Some have asked: Can the head be freely moved while wearing this mask?

Answer: YES! This protector in no way hinders the fencer, and the Head has totally FREE movement while wearing it!

Safe Chin, Neck and Chest, with protector.

As we all know SAFETY is the PARAMOUNT need for all fencers, regardless of their weapon. That issue has NOT been addressed by our governing institutions, or any Federations, for a long time now!

Therefore, as you can see, I have developed several pieces of safety equipment for protection of YOUR body! What has happened in the past is that a number of fencers got hurt in the back of their head/neck area, as well as chin, neck, and collar bones.

Under arm protectors as well as jackets did not do much for protection and safety. Because fencer’s most vulnerable area is CHIN! By moving backward fast we lift head up and, at that moment, mask’s bib is NOT covering CHIN. Yes, especially CHIN! Now, that area, with safety protector which I dubbed “ANGEL”, will be totally safe, and it will not only protect CHIN, but your NECK all around, as well as COLLAR BONES too!

If you buy both, back head and “ANGEL” protector, you will save 20% of listed price, and shipping is FREE!
Head and Neck protector - $55 (US)
Angel protector - $70 (US)
=$100 (US)
+FREE shipping!


Angel Protector and Full Size Underarm Protector

Up until now, the mandatory underarm protector has been Kevlar 800N.

And it is good.

BUT – it only covers one side of the body, depending on whether you are right or left handed.

BUT – it does not cover anything below the waistline.

NOW, you have a chance to leave those nuisances behind! We have designed and made, for YOUR protection a FULL SIZE UNDERAM protector.




Manufactured from the finest Dyneema 800N material, five times stronger in comparison to the old Kevlar 800N, this jacket offers you full torso protection.

Whether you are right handed or left handed, our product will protect both your arms and sides from those stray lunges, or over-zealous opponents.


Fencing is a dangerous sport, and we take YOUR protection very seriously.

Note - all prices are subject to change without prior notice at any time

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