The FUTURE STRIP of our sport is HERE: Zivkovic newest modern design, model “BGK 4-2”, which is totally FREE



As we all know, current fencing strips, with a width of only 1.50 meters, and length of 14 meters, offer only space for linear action, back and forth, severely limiting lateral movements of fencers.

However, we must not forget that fencing is classified as “combative sport”! As such, it generates excitement through movements both back and forth as well as side to side. With this in mind, I designed a new fencing strip that offers enough space to accommodate all movements, linear and lateral.
I believe this will not only make our sport more enjoyable to fencers, but will make it more entertaining for spectators and media as well.
You might ask - how so?
Take a look at my new fencing strip design. You will notice FIRST, that the strip in the middle section (8, 9, 10) is 2.20 meters wide, which is 70 cm wider than standard. From that point to the section 1, the strip has a slight curve, gradually narrowing towards the end, where it is 1.50m wide. After that we have a run off space of 1.5m at each end, which is the current regulation width for the entire strip.
You may also notice that a regular FIE fencing strip is placed in the middle of this new strip design, showing the space difference between the two.

Thus, we have a 17m long strip, or any size we need, but offering almost 30% more space for fencers to execute lateral movements, as it should be for a combative sport.
This liberty would, of course, result in offensive and defensive actions that would create more interesting matches/bouts to watch.

This new strip design keeps the breakthrough advantages of the previous model, featuring advertisement space along its entire length.
More space equals more action and more excitement, and with advertising space on both sides of the fencing strip, this product could not only be FREE, but might well turn into an income generator.
I strongly believe that the time has come for our sport to step out of the 19th century, and take it’s rightful place along the other disciplines, in the limelight of today!

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The strip is patent protected and FIE approved.


Features of model BGK - Millennium - 4-2

1. Light boxes (2) in the middle of the fencing strip, with 3 different indication lights: yellow, red and green.

The YELLOW light is for a yellow card offence. The RED is for a flagrant violation penalty. The GREEN light is turned on before the official would call command “FENCE”. On that call both green lights would be turned off. This GREEN light would be the safety signal to both fencers when the bout is to begin, instead of only by the sound call by an official, as it is done today. This would eliminate the possibility that one fencer did not hear the command.

2. Repeater lights are positioned in eight (8) different sections of the strip as it is seen on this design. Repeater lights are connected to the scoring machine (located in the middle of the strip) and would display the same touch score in colours: red or green 0 as well as white lights for and invalid score.

3. With this system of having starting and repeater lights under the perforation, scoring touches, valid or not, would instantly be visible to officials, fencers, spectators, media, etc - from any position or angle.

4. Fencers do not have to turn around in order to see the score on the main scoring machine - it is now always located in the middle of the strip.

5. Officials would be able to concentrate more on the action of fencing in progress - especially in the 1.5m end areas of the strip.

6. TV media with two cameras can cover all the action because of the repeater lights, which correspond to the main scoring machine, located in the middle of the strip, instantly.

7 Advertising panels along both sides of this strip would offer the host of any competition or tournament the opportunity to solicit revenue from potential sponsors, thus making this the only piece of fencing equipment in the World that can generate income

Therefore, potentially the strip would be FREE of any cost



We are proud about our new piste, which is now available!

This Fencing strip is the first of its kind in the World. It features 34 panels for advertising, 17 on each side of the strip.
As you can see on the videos featured here, the assembly is very easy, and the panels can be folded to cover the strip while it is not in use. This way the panels double as the protection for the strip while it also minimizes the storage space.

However, by far the most important feature of this product is that by collecting advertisements from sponsors strip is TOTALY FREE!
And it would, of course, produce financial gain to any University, College, High School or club.

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The strip is patent protected and FIE approved.

Note - all prices are subject to change without prior notice at any time