Plastic Foil with Buzzer



Suggested plastic equipment for use.
There are 3 different plastic foils that should be used.

Level 1
Plastic foil without buzzer and foam tip should be used when fencer(s) is learning basic skill about offence and defense and including footwork. It is recommended for PE classes, in camps, clubs, schools, colleges and universities.
This should be first part of learning basic skills. In PE classes, etc., it should be introduced in first third of entire course.

Level 2
Plastic foil with buzzer (momentary hits with sound) should be used after fencer(s) have acquired basic skill and once they have completed necessary knowledge about offence and defense. In this, second third, section of any class course, more advanced technics in handling foil and with more advanced footwork should be introduced.

Level 3
In last third of any class course fencers could use plastic foil with buzzer and lights. Reset for this foil is done by depressing foil tip, just like it is done with any electric machine. Also, in this, third, section of any class, fencers fencers should be able to do bouting, thus completing advance knowledge of fencing.
Competition can be organized by fencing master, instructor.

It should be noted that Zivkovic Modern Fencing Equipment, Inc. is the only company in the World that is offering 3 different plastic foils for use on all levels

Note: For detailed information about plastic foils and the assembly manual please visit


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