First, I do not know what handle(s) you use.
But if you use any of other model but mine, then I would like to state the following:

During practice, bout etc. does your fencing hand get tired and you rub your fingers? And when you continue fencing it comes back, again and again? Do you know what causes that?

Have you heard (and I am sure you did) of so the called “Carpal tunnel”? If you did, then what goes through the “carpal tunnel”? Of course, you know - it is blood! And what substance does the blood carry without which we cannot survive?  Oxygen, of course!
But, when you use the regular handle, which has a longer tang, through the constant movement of your hand, that long tang “attacks” the area where Carpal tunnel is located. This way, the Carpal tunnel is being punished by constant pressure from the long tang which, in turn, restricts normal blood flow needed in your fingers. This means that a lack of oxygen creates fatigue in your hand and the consequential itch in your fingers. In short - the culprit is the long tang of the regualr handle you use!

If you continue using that kind of handle, sooner or later you will have to see an orthopedic for solution.
But, there are only two solutions:

one is to stop using the “object” that is causing this, and the other is to have a surgery! I spoke to many orthopedic doctors and they all said the same thing.

Now, let us take a look at my design handles. None of them have long tang, or a curved “horn” that will pinch you when you make a flip motion, offense or defense! Plus, front top and bottom of my handles have ridges, therefore, when making a strong movement with your weapon (foil or epee), there will be NO slide of your finger backward as it is happening with many other type of handles.


So, now that you know positive and negatives of handles that you use, the choice is yours. Something old and negative or something new and positive!

If you try mine, and you don’t like, you can always go back to your old one! But, I can tell you that as of today 99% of all fencers who tried or changed to my handles, never went back to their old ones!


I hope that you will give that chance to yourself and be satisfied!


Branimir Zivkovic

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